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He prays for forgiveness and redemption

She is his sacrificial lamb

She is his willing victim

With her crimson hair and flowing robes she kneels before him

The dagger in his hands poised to strike

He cannot do it alone

She raises a hand to aid him

A desirous participant in her own destruction

For his salvation

For his love

Devotion in her eyes and her very soul

Heart swelling with emotion

His gaze drifts; her eyes follow

There is another

Another sacrificial lamb

Another victim; is she as acquiescent?

A glint in his eye tells the lamb all she needs to know

She knows his betrayal and turns the dagger

He now becomes the sacrifice

She prays for forgiveness, salvation

It is granted for all her pain and suffering

Inflicted by the one she loved; by the one she still loves.


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