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Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson

Print is Dead 2012 (an imprint of Creeping Hemlock Press)

The zombie apocalypse has begun.  The Floating Dragons motorcycle gang has hung on as long as possible.  Now Boone and Walker are the only ones left and they have decided to hit the road and head to Hollywood.  It is a long and dangerous road that takes them to an enclave of right-wing fascists, an abandoned movie theater where the zombies are also enjoying the film, and an eerily familiar last stand in Texas.

Gregory Lamberson’s first foray into zombie lit has proven to be a good one.  Carnage Road holds up extremely well in the sub-genre with a well-written and interesting story.  Even though Boone and Walker are from an outlaw gang, they are very likeable characters.  The ending has quite the “wow” factor and was anything but predictable.  Carnage Road is like Easy Rider (1969) meets Night of the Living Dead (1968).  It’s a very cool read.

Contains gore, violence, adult language and sex


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