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Favorite Books of 2011

Okay, I didn’t do this list last year but I guess it’s time I did.  I read 97 books last year and most of them were really good.  Then there were a few that I didn’t like at all…but I won’t mention them here because the reviews panning them were enough.  This list is just straight up what I liked the best in no particular order.

BONE MARROW STEW by Tim Curran—Tim is easily one of my favorite authors and I thought this collection of his short stories was amazing. 

ZOMBIE BITCHES FROM HELL by Zoot Campbell—this was a fun pulp-like novel about a zombie virus that only affected women.  Very entertaining.

FEAR ME by Tim Curran—I did mention he’s one of my favorite authors, right?

ETERNAL UNREST by Lorne Dixon—A fantastic mummy story that should be the start of something wonderful for the mummy in horror.

A PACK OF WOLVES by Eric S. Brown—Western/horror with a guerrilla style that grabs you at the start and doesn’t let go until the ride is over.

SKULLS by Tim Marquitz—I’ve always shied away from Young Adult titles but this doesn’t read like it’s for kids.  Adults will love it.

SUBJECT SEVEN by James A. Moore—Yet another Young Adult title that read more like it was for adults…I loved it.

VICIOUS ROMANTIC by Wrath James White—I loved this collection of extreme horror poetry so much I read it three times.

TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT by Mark Allan Gunnells—Collections are usually hit or miss but in this case every short story is a hit.

JASMINE & GARLIC by Monica O’Rourke—This extreme short story give new meaning to a trip to the gynecologist. <shudder>

There it is….my favorite reads from last year.  This was a difficult one to do because I’m a Gemini and I want to make everyone happy.



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